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Empower Your Crypto Exchange

Experience the Difference with Barimeks Crypto Assets Exchange Software Solutions

Complete Software Solutions for Crypto Exchanges


Manage Your Exchange Without Dependence on Third Parties

Gain Advantage over White Label


Minimize Monthly Operation Costs

  • No recurring subscription fees

  • No revenue sharing


Minimize Your

3rd Party Risks

  • All crypto assets are under your control
  • Manage fiat deposits yourself


Manage Your Own Business Plan

  • No minimum commission fee limitation
  • No crypto asset custody fees and deposit/withdrawal fees paid to 3rd parties

Advanced Graphical
User Interfaces


Fully Mobile
User Interface

Advanced Software Features

Micro Service Architechture

High Performance Services Coded

with C++

Vertical and Horizontal Scalable Services

Multi Layer Security Architechture

Fully Automated Integration Tests

Easy Deployment with Kubernetes and Helm

Deployment to Google/Amazon Cloud Services

On Premise Installation with Kuberetes

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